Motorcycle Licensing in Ontario

In Ontario, the process of acquiring a licence to ride a motorcycle is done in stages. You must successfully test out of each stage until you have gained your full M licence. The whole process can take from 18 months at the earliest to 5 years at the latest.



STEP 1: Get your M1 Licence at a DriveTest Centre

The M1 licence is a written test that can ONLY be taken at a DriveTest Centre.

An M1 licence is valid for 90 days and is acquired by passing a multiple choice test available at a DriveTest Examination Centre. The questions are based on the Ministry of Transportation’s Motorcycle and Driver’s Handbooks. The M1 test is available without appointment.

Restrictions for M1 riders:

  • You must maintain a zero blood alcohol level
  • You may only during daylight hours (1/2 hour before sunrise to 1/2 hour after sunset)
  • No riding on highways with speed limits exceeding more than 80 km/h (with the exception of highways 11, 17, 61, 69, 71, 101, 102, 144, 655, where there is no alternate 80 km/h route).
  • No passengers

You can take your M2 Course with RTI as soon as you get your M1 – you don’t need to wait 60 days!

FIND A DRIVETEST CENTRE NEAR YOU:  Drive test locations for the M1

STUDY THE DRIVER’S HANDBOOK ONLINE:  Drivers Handbook available for free online

STUDY THE MOTORCYCLE HANDBOOK ONLINE:  Motorcycle Handbook available for free online

TAKE A PRACTICE M1 TEST ONLINE:  Take an M1 Practice Test



STEP 2: M2 Licence – get your M2 through RTI!

Book your M2 course with RTI!

The M2 course is one evening theory class + 2 full days of riding training – on our bikes!  In order to get an M2 Licence at the end of the course, you will need to pass a riding skills test.  This test will be the very last part of your M2 course with RTI, which means that you don’t need to do a test with the Ministry of Transportation!

READ MORE about the RTI M2 Course here

You must ride under the restrictions of an M1 for at least 60 days before upgrading to the M2 licence.  Once you do the course with RTI, you must wait 60 days from the day you received your M1, and then go back to a DriveTest Centre to request the upgrade to your M2.  RTI enters your test results directly into the Ministry of Transportation system, so when you go in to upgrade they will already have your results on your file!

IF YOU DO NOT UPGRADE TO YOUR M2 WITHIN 6 MONTHS FROM TAKING AN M2 TEST WITH RTI OR ANY OTHER INSTITUTION, YOUR RESULTS WILL EXPIRE.  You MUST go into a DriveTest Centre to upgrade to your M2 – it is not automatically applied to your licence.  If you do not upgrade within 6 months, it is the Ministry of Transportation Policy that your tests results will expire and become invalid.  There is nothing that RTI can do to reinstate your results after that.

The M2 licence is valid for 5 years from the date you picked it up at the DriveTest Centre.

Restrictions for M2 riders: You must maintain a zero blood alcohol level.


Only want to ride a 50cc bike or less? Get an M2″L” or LSM Licence!

The M2L licence (also called an LSM) is the same as an M2 licence, with the restriction that you may ONLY ride 50cc or less scooters or motorcycles.

To get an M2L, you may take the regular M2 course with RTI, however, you will complete it on a 50cc scooter. All of the same conditions, timeframes and restrictions listed above for a regular M2 also apply to the M2L.

LEARN MORE ABOUT THE M2L/LSM LICENCE: Types of Motorcycle Licences

CAN YOU RIDE YOUR BIKE WITH AN M2L? CHECK HERE: Requirements for a bike to be classified as an LSM



STEP 3: Full M Licence – get your M licence with RTI!

If you got your M2 licence with RTI, you can do our M licence course 18 months after you got your M2! Otherwise, you’ll have to wait 22 months.

Our M licence course is one evening theory class + 1 day of riding training – on your own bike! The day of riding concludes with the M licence test.

READ MORE about the RTI M Licence Course here

Restrictions for M riders:
Having gained your full M Class licence all the restrictions are lifted if you are over 21 years of age but please do yourself a favour and keep the zero blood alcohol restriction in place. Riders who are 16-21 years of age must maintain a zero blood alcohol level no matter what class of licence you hold.


A Few Facts

M2 and M Class licence holders may also drive Class G vehicles under the conditions that apply to a Class G1 licence holder.

You do not need a G Class licence in order to acquire an M1, M2 or M Class licence.

If you hold other class licences, such as a G, D etc, and you are caught ignoring the M1 and M2 restrictions it can result in fines and the loss of your driver’s licence. You would lose all your driving privileges in all classes. What you do in one vehicle affects the other.