Maintenance – $175 + TAX

Maintaining your Motorcycle RTI Motorcycle Maintenance Course ($175+TAX)

This motorcycle maintenance course is designed to give motorcyclists the simple skills required to keep their motorcycle in a safe operating condition, perform simple preventative maintenance and determine when a professional’s touch is required. Students will gain hands-on experience by performing basic maintenance procedures on an RTI motorcycle and using their own motorcycle for reference and comparison throughout the course. The course is eight-hours in length covering basic motorcycle engine, clutch and transmission theory; proper tools for your toolbox and what to carry with you when riding; multi-point technical inspections on final drives, forks and tires; basic maintenance procedures such as oil changes, brake pad replacements and chain adjustments; what to look for when buying a used motorcycle; winter storage and general troubleshooting.

This course is held at our East North York location from 8:30am – 4:30pm on either a Saturday or Sunday. 

Visit our schedule for our current course dates!

Disclaimer: This program is not intended to certify you, nor will it make you a motorcycle mechanic. After completion of this course, you will obtain a better understanding of motorcycles and the potential problems that will affect the operation of your motorcycle.

    • Gain hands on experience using RTI motorcycles
    • Observe how to perform similar operations on your own motorcycle
    • Perform basic maintenance such as: changing levers, an oil and filter change, brake pad replacement, adjusting chain tension, etc.
    • Save money on future maintenance costs
    • We’ll provide the tools, you provide the enthusiasm!

RTI will provide the following in order to facilitate this course:

    • Instructor(s)
    • Basic hand tools
    • Tents for shelter from sun/rain
    • Student handouts
    • Miscellaneous shop supplies (shop rags, brake cleaner etc.)