Riding Basics (M2 & M2L) – $470 + TAX

Returning students: $420 + TAX

For more information on our Loyalty pricing for returning students, please see our Pricing page.


Who is it for?

For riders who wish to obtain an M2 Licence and a potential insurance discount


Do I qualify?

To qualify, you must hold a valid M1 driving permit. In addition to the permit, you will be required to bring qualifying motorcycle riding safety gear. While previous motorcycling experience is not necessary, experience riding a bicycle is a prerequisite and mandatory; for balance.

What is included?

The “Riding Basics” training program is comprised of 3 hours in class theory as well as 15 hours of practical training on our bikes. We offer a variety of styles to choose from including sportbike, standard and cruiser style bikes. Also, if unsuccessful at passing your M2 test, we offer one retest at no charge.


When/Where is it?

This program is offered at multiple locations including Toronto, North York, Scarborough, Bowmanville, Oakville, St. Catharines, Orillia, Ottawa and Guelph (see Locations page for more information) and we provide a variety of bikes at each training site. Training starts in April. See the schedule here

LSM Licence for 50 cc Scooters and Mopeds

Cost: $450 + TAX if you have your own LSM, and $470 + TAX if using an LSM provided by RTI
  • Earn Your M2 “L” Licence (LSM) through our ‘Riding Basics Course. This Licence has an “L” restriction that limits you to ride a limited speed scooter/moped (maximum 50 cc vehicles only)
  • For more information on the M2L Licence and LSM vehicles, visit the MTO website
  • The LSM Course runs in conjunction with our ‘Riding Basics Training Program’ (the same dates and locations.)
  • The RTI scooter is only available at the North York and Toronto locations (one scooter per site)

The First Day

Everyone begins at the same level, learning to walk the motorcycle and getting used to the feel of maneuvering a motorcycle around. Balance, brakes and looking ahead are learned on an unpowered moving motorcycle. There’s a bit of pushing involved here. Students learn how to start up and shut down the motorcycle engines.

Now it’s time get into first gear.

This means learning about the clutch and its friction zone. A lot of attention is paid to this step. Students must grasp the understanding of smoothly transferring power to the rear wheel with the clutch.

Students practice riding slowly and smoothly by keeping the clutch in the friction zone. This exercise is crucial to being able to handle a motorcycle at slow speeds such as in a parking lot or rush hour traffic.

The lessons progress step by step with students moving off from a stop, accelerating in first gear, executing circles and right and left-hand turns. The emphasis is always on good clutch control, looking where you want to go, smooth progressive braking and shoulder checks. Each lesson is discussed and demonstrated throughout the course. Questions from the students are always encouraged.

As the first day progresses so do the students as they learn how to upshift and downshift, push steer, and very importantly, to look ahead and through the corners. By the end of the first day, they’ve come a long way from where they started.

The Second Day
The morning of the second day is devoted to traffic awareness and defensive riding techniques. A great deal of attention is paid to potential emergency situations. Straight line braking, swerving around an object, swerve and stop and stopping in a curve are practiced for the first part of the day. In the afternoon, the M2 licensing test is discussed and demonstrated. The students are given practice time and coaching before the test is conducted.

After taking a course with RTI, you must attend at a DriveTest centre simply to upgrade your licence within 6 months of your test date with RTI. After 6 months, your results will expire. You do not need to bring your certificate or any paperwork other than personal identification, as RTI has already input your results into the Ministry of Transportation licensing system, and a clerk at DriveTest will be able to view those results. Please refer to Licensing for further information on remaining riding restrictions for the M2 licence.


The M2 Course is currently offered at our Bowmanville, Guelph, North York, Oakville, Orillia, Ottawa, Scarborough, St. Catharines and Toronto locations on weekends.

For those unable to take the M2 Course on weekends, we offer a Monday – Thursday Evening course in Oakville, and a Monday + Tuesday daytime course in Toronto.

We offer the M2L course at our Scarborough and Toronto locations.