Riding Strategies (M Licence) – $395 + TAX

Returning students: $345 + TAX

For more information on our Loyalty pricing for returning students, please see our Pricing page.

Earn Your Full M Licence


Who is it for?

For M2 class riders who wish to obtain an M licence and a potential insurance discount.
“100cc-250cc” version is also available for M2 class riders who own a motorcycle/scooter between 100cc and 250cc that cannot reach highway speeds in excess of 80km/hr.
“50cc or LSM” version is potentially available for M2 or M2L licence holders who are looking for an ML licence that would allow them to operate a 50cc vehicle.  The demand for this course is low, so we don’t run a regularly scheduled course.  If you are interested in achieving your ML licence with us, please give us a call and we can discuss options with you!


What will I be doing?

The program consists of one evening of theory, a half day of riding with instructors in real traffic situations on your own motorcycle as well as one-hour solo testing. Groups are limited in order to maximize your coaching and instruction.


Do I qualify?

To qualify for this training program you must hold an M2 class licence that has been valid for:

  • 18 months or more if obtained through a recognized motorcycle training program or
  • 22 months or more if not obtained through a recognized motorcycle training program.

In addition to an M2 class licence, you will be required to bring qualified riding gear.


When/Where is it?

The programs are offered at multiples locations including Toronto, Newmarket, Guelph, Oakville and Ottawa.  The “100 – 250cc” option is only available in Toronto.  See Locations page for more information. See the Schedule!


  • M2 Class Licence
  • 18 months or more if obtained through a recognized motorcycle training program or
  • 22 months or more if not obtained through a recognized motorcycle training program
  • Provide own motorcycle/scooter 250cc or higher
  • Qualified riding safety gear
  • M2 class riders opting for the “100cc-250cc” option must be able to reach speeds of 80km/hr on their motorcycles/scooters

Riding Strategies in Action

On this course, you will be on your own motorcycle/scooter riding in real traffic situations. Attention is spent on group riding, lane position, lane changes, roadside stops, signalling, riding through both residential and industrial areas and on 400 series highways.

The ratio is only 4 candidates for each instructor to keep your learning intimate and relaxed. Typically, training will take place on a Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday, with the theory class being held on Tuesday or Friday evening. We have found that this course is enjoyable for the camaraderie of group riding and especially the development of new confidence in your skills.

Each riding situation is discussed and practiced throughout the morning to fine tune your skills and awareness. Solo testing is conducted in the afternoon. The road test takes approximately 45 minutes. A passing grade will entitle you to receive your full M licence.

The 400-series highway portion is omitted for riders on vehicles between 100cc-250cc. Vehicles between 100cc and 250cc must be able to reach a speed of 80km/hr.


The M Course is currently offered at our Brampton, Guelph, Newmarket, Oakville, Orangeville, Orillia, Oshawa, Ottawa, St. Catharines and Toronto locations.

For those unable to take the M Course on weekends, we offer the course on Wednesday in Toronto.

If you drive a motorcycle between 100 – 250cc, we offer a course which omits the 100 km/hr highway portion in Toronto. Please choose this option on your Registration form.