I recently completed my M2 training. I would like you to know, it was the best-spent money in a long while. My instructor Pablo was really good and made the learning enjoyable. I would like to thank and recommend your program.

Herbert D, 79 years old

September 2017

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From: Andrew F, July 2017

Good Morning Sharron and RTI Staff,

I would like to start off by saying thank you very much for the professionalism and genuineness you and your organization has shown me during any interaction. I was anticipating the typical pushback that customers get from companies when adversity arises when I initially contacted your company regarding my licence issue with MTO. The person that I came in contact with first, Vanessa, was professional and immediately attempted to rectify my problem by sending me a screenshot to verify that everything was completed on your organization’s end. Then to find out that she had taken the time to escalate the issue to you, the director, without me asking for her to do so was great.

I also would like to say that I’ve gone through the Durham College course and Rider Training Institute is the better choice without question, with the different types of motorcycles available to try and get used to is huge. Your instructors were top notch, friendly, professional and their experience showed through the theory and practical portions of the course.

Quite frankly I was very impressed at the extent and time you and the company had invested in resolving my dilemma. It says a lot about the organization and the people who work in it when you guys consistently show initiative to resolves issues. Nevertheless, this specific issue that was presented to your organization was not even your obligation to rectify nor were you guys at fault in anyway. I had contacted MTO and they kept sending me in circles and told me at one point that I was wrong and needed to go back to driver testing centre to show proof because they never received anything regarding my M2 status update. Only to find out that they made a clerical error which your organization identified and had them make the correction is just simply brilliant. I’ve received my update drivers’ licence from the MTO, thank you.

I felt it necessary to express my satisfaction with your organization and the time and effort I’ve witnessed from registration till now is greatly appreciated. Your organization now has a life-long advocate and I plan to return upon my M2 exit test in the future and maybe after that join your organization part time ha ha.
Thank you once again for your time and efforts,

Andrew F.
P.S. Please share this with your staff.

What students have said about our M2 course:

I’d like to thank RTI staff for the excellent service you provided. I personally never have ridden a motorcycle till a few Saturdays ago…and now looking forward to a long riding future… Thanks for a job well done…


All the instructors were very friendly and knowledgeable. They were truly concerned with the new rider’s safety and considered his/her abilities when instructing during all course activities. They gave great feedback, whether positive or negative; were honest and straightforward with their comments to the riders. I learned a considerable amount of information about riding motorcycles both in class and during the practical component of the course.


A few weeks ago I took my first motorcycle course (M2) with your company and wanted to express my thanks. After riding off-road occasionally throughout my 61 years I had a little trepidation about on road. But that dissolved after meeting both instructors, Obie and Stephan. They were friendly and very positive and that made the 2-day experience fun and enjoyable. They had a “can do” attitude, focused on safety first and had frank and experienced answers to all my questions. Can’t think of a more professional and pleasant approach and let’s face it, bike riding is fun! Thanks again RTI!

Scott M

July 2017

I just wanted to complement instructors Lyn and Ahmed on their professionalism, expertise and knowledge. I came to the program as a licensed motorcyclist from a different country and I have learned a lot. My wife, on the other hand, did not even ride a motorcycle and she managed to achieve the level and the standards required with these awesome instructors. Thank you again to Lyn and Ahmed! Their positive attitude and great atmosphere that they have created it allowed us to have a pleasurable experience.

Tony + Ewa T.

September 2017

[Instructors] were all 150% helpful and instructed us with the utmost respect and dealt with problematic riders very well. I was impressed with their professionalism.



All instructions were talked out and then also demonstrated, all questions were answered fully. Overall it was the best class of any type I’ve ever taken and am looking forward to taking the advanced course as well.


Fantastic instructors who really knew what they were doing. As a school principal, I really liked the way they explained things, modelled what was expected, let us try and then gave us feedback where necessary!



Our instructor Mike was awesome. I never felt rushed he explained everything well. I felt he really cared about teaching us to ride safely. Going into the course I thought of it as a course to get my M2X Leaving the course because of Mike’s instruction I got my M with a knowledge of riding safely. Fun day, great experience.


The instructor was excellent! I’m very happy to have taken the course. Although the weather wasn’t ideal, the instructor allowed everyone an opportunity to lead the class. She was very professional and knowledgeable. The instructor was very confident and allowed everyone the opportunity to ask questions, always making sure the student understood the answer. Highly recommend this course to anyone that rides.


I enjoyed the instructor’s presentation and instruction style; no worries about asking questions, no feeling bad when making mistakes or show areas of weakness.


With the course size of only 4, I enjoyed myself immensely. I really appreciated the one-on-one instructions and constant feedback from the instructor. By the end of the day, it felt like riding with a few friends rather than an instructor and other students.


Found the course to be very informative and enjoyable. Helped to point out a couple of bad habits as well as to reinforce excellent operating habits. Instructors were very helpful approachable and friendly. Had a great experience and will and have recommended RTI to those how to ask.


Great job, I was coming off my motorcycle accident and Aliki was clear and concise with a good teaching manner. I felt very safe at all times and it was a good learning environment. I look forward to taking future courses to continue to improve and advance my riding skills. Thanks for doing such a great job.


Skills courses

I wanted to thank the RTI group and Rob the Awesome Mechanic, for a fun Saturday attending the Maintenance Course, well done, I recommend it…and Pablo, thanks for the cookies, and the vision of what my bike could look like.