Redevelop the skills you need to get back on the road in no time

Getting Back on A Bike

Did you successfully obtain your M2 licence but haven’t been on a motorcycle in a while? Are you planning to purchase or rent a motorcycle in the near future and want some time to refresh your skills to increase your confidence? RTI has designed a Refresher Training course just for you.

Prerequisites include the ability to ride a motorcycle comfortably and a valid, M2 or M licence. In addition to the permit, you will be required to bring qualifying motorcycle safety riding gear.

You may choose to use either one of our RTI motorcycles or bring your own.

Refresher Training Course – In Action

  • Spend 3-hours during a morning or afternoon with our experienced instructors first reviewing your handling skills and then honing them in the areas of slow speed riding, shifting, push steering and braking.
  • Work with a variety of RTI motorcycles or your own and practice in the comfort of a traffic-free environment before you get on the road.
  • Class sizes are limited to 8 students with 2 instructors to assure personal attention.