Increase your confidence and capabilities with our advanced skills course

Advance your motorcycle control

Push yourself through some challenging exercises to sharpen your existing skills and gain more control of your machine. This training program combines slow and faster speed manoeuvres that you will use every day for the rest of your riding career. Regardless of what you ride or how long you have been riding, this training program provides a day to sharpen your existing knowledge and ride with more control.

This one-day course is aimed at helping you become more comfortable on your own motorcycle in everyday situations. Tune up your skills and raise your comfort level with your machine in a variety of challenging situations. This course can be used as a refresher, a way to get familiar with a new bike, a seasonal warmup, or as preparation for your M2X course. This training takes place in a parking lot and is open to any style of street bike.

Technical Skills Course – In Action

The day starts with slow speed control riding keyhole and clover leaf patterns utilizing rear brake and clutch control.

As the morning progresses riders practice higher speed braking exercises.

In the afternoon constant higher speed turns are practiced, followed by collision avoidance.

The day wraps up with the riders feeling much more confident in their abilities on their bike.