Riding Tips

Technical Skills:

This advanced riding skills course is designed to increase your confidence level and handling abilities on your own bike. Skills areas include emergency braking, and high/low speed manoeuvring.


This course will give you the skills you need to perform basic maintenance tasks to help keep your bike in roadworthy shape; oil and fluid changes, control checks, drive train checks/adjustments.

Intro to Riding:

This 1/2 day course is designed for people who have never ridden, and are unsure if motorcycling is right for them. We provide the bikes and all the gear; all you need is a valid G/G2 licence.

(Minimizing Traffic delays) Motorcycles & Traffic Congestion:

We wanted to see how much of a difference motorcycles can really make in helping to keep traffic moving, so we produced this simulation based on real world traffic studies.

M2 Licence Test Video:

We spent a day in the rain recording 4 parts of the M1X licensing test to give you a sense of what you'll encounter after your training program.

(ZERO BAC) Being Impaired on a Motorcycle:

Balance and judgement are critical on a motorcycle, and you can still be impaired even when you're below the legal limit (.08 BAC).

M2X Licence Test Tips - Observation:

Being aware of your surroundings starts with a good set of observational skills. /p>

M2X Licence Test Tips - Lane Positioning:

Putting yourself where you can see the most of what's going on around you is a good starting point, and can help get you oriented in live traffic.

M2X Licence Test Tips - Communication:

Communicating properly in live traffic can help others see you, and avoid conflicts.

M1X Course Tips - Assertive Swerving:

Focus on smooth technique; push steering the motorcycle with steady throttle input while turning your head and looking around the obstacle.

M1X Course Tips - Slow Speed Riding:

Fine-tune your ability to manage power delivery with the clutch in the "friction zone". Use of the rear brake will help stabilize the motorcycle in tight turns, maintaining a steady elevated throttle will ensure consistent power.

M1X Course Tips - Downshifting:

With practice downshifting can become a great asset, such as assisting in wet weather braking, as long as you're mindful of smooth clutch operation and power management.

M1X Course Tips - Emergency Braking:

With practice, this skill can become second nature and help keep you on the road for many years to come.

Emergency Braking:

Braking is one of the most important skills to know that could save your life in an emergency situation. Learn how to stop quickly, smoothly and safely.

Rough Roads:

Steve Keith from the Rider Training Institute talks about how to handle rough terrain on your motorcycle, whether that's torn up pavement, gravel or something else.

Riding in the Rain:

Steve Keith from the Rider Training Institute has some tips on staying safe while driving in the rain.


Here are some tips on making sure you're seen by other drivers, plus how to stay safe at the beginning of motorcycle season.

Slow Speed:

Steve Keith from the Rider Training Institute has some tips on slow speed maneuvers, one of the hardest skills to master on your motorcycle.