RTI Policies

Riding Gear Policy

At RTI, we are stringent when it comes to safety and our course requirements. Students are responsible for bringing their safety riding gear to both days of the practical course. Failure to comply with any of the requirements will result in the student’s removal from the course. Refunds will not be considered.

Cancellation Policy:

Any change or cancellation of a course must be confirmed by RTI at least 6 business days prior to the course to receive a full refund or to rebook without additional cost. In the event of a change or cancellation within 5 business days of the course start date, there will be a fee charged in accordance with the list below. All requests for course cancellations/re-bookings must be made during office hours. There are no refunds once the practical portion has begun.
Licensing Courses (M2 and M licence courses): $100 + HST
Skills Courses (Technical/Maintenance/Roadworthy): $60 + HST
Intro to Riding Course: $50 + HST
Refresher Course: $40 + HST

Retest Policy:

If your first test is unsuccessful, RTI offers one retest at no charge within the same season as your licensing course. However, if you book a retest and do not attend without contacting the office prior to 5 pm on the Friday before your test, there will be a $25.00 charge to reschedule (Missed retest: $25 + TAX). Retests for M2 are held on Sunday afternoons.

M Licence Course Policy:

You are required to bring a 250cc or higher motorcycle with proof of ownership and insurance to your M Licence course unless you are taking the 100-249cc course. If you are taking the 100-249cc course, you must bring a bike that fits within those cc requirements. A CBR 125 is the only exception to this rule; it qualifies for either the 100-249cc course or the regular M course. Please note: Failure to bring a bike that fits within these requirements will result in a rescheduling fee to re-book; no refunds will be considered.

If you experience mechanical issues with your motorcycle during the course or fail to wear the required safety gear (as outlined in your course information email) the instructors reserve the right to remove you from the course. If this occurs, there would be no refund issued and a rebooking fee will be charged.

Licence Upgrade:

Upon successful completion of a licensing course, you must visit a DriveTest Centre in order to pick up your new licence. If you are upgrading from an M1 to an M2/M2L/M2M licence, you will need to wait until you’ve had your M1 for 60 days before being eligible to go to the DriveTest Centre.

If you’re upgrading from an M2 to an M/ML/MM licence, we ask that you wait 72 hours after successfully completing your course before going into a DriveTest Centre to pick up your new licence.

Your test results are only valid for 6 months after your test date. If you fail to do this within the six months, your results will expire and you will have to restart the licensing process.

Should you wait until after your M1 has expired, you may be required to re-write the M1 before upgrading to your M2 licence.

Payment Policy:

Payment is due upon registration. We accept payment by credit card, e-transfer, or cash at our downtown Toronto office.


All participants are required to sign the digital waiver of liability form prior to the start of the course. If you are under the age of 18 years, you will need to have a parent/guardian fill out and sign the form with you. Failure to do this will result in your inability to participate in the course. A link to this waiver will be included in the reminder email.
Stoneridge Digital Waiver for Review

Other liability forms will be provided at the course for you to sign. Please see the linked waivers below so you can review them to familiarize yourself with the information.
RTI Waiver – M Course
RTI Waiver – M2 Course
Bombardier Waiver for M2M Course